Crystal structure analysis? Make it easy with XTALABTM powered by AI!

XTALABTM is an AI powered crystal structure analysis SW using selected area diffraction images.


AI powered scientific data analysis SW with infinite possibilities!

At the beginning, XTALABTM has been developed to analyze selected area diffraction patterns (SADPs) to predict space groups of crystals. But it is now evolving to the scientific data analysis SW for tackling problems from various research fields.

Accurate Prediction Results

Using SADPs, XTALABTM can predict space groups of crystals with more than 92% accuracy.

Synthetic Data Generation

XTALABTM can generate synthetic SADP-like images from CIF files.

Sim2Real Algorithm

XTALABTM can make more realistic SADP-like images from synthetic (or simulated) SADP-like images.

Simple Usage

XTALABTM provides simple and comprehensive interfaces to use dedicated AI algorithms.


AI algorithms consisting XTALABTM can easily be extended to problems in various research fields.

We offer AI-based solutions for material crystal structure analysis in two different formats.

The standalone solution is ideal for large companies seeking secure data analysis and processing extensive datasets.

The web-based solution is tailored for analyzing smaller data volumes, making it ideal for individual researchers in schools and research institutes.