AI Parking

This AI-powered parking application revolutionizes the way drivers find and use parking spaces. The application automatically locates available parking spots, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users.

It features automated vehicle authentication for entry and exit, providing seamless access to parking facilities. Additionally, the application calculates parking fees automatically, streamlining the billing process.

It also includes advanced security features to detect unauthorized parking, enhancing overall safety and compliance. This comprehensive solution makes parking more efficient, secure, and convenient for all users.


XTALAB: AI-based microscopic image analysis

XTALAB is an advanced application for TEM Image Analysis, utilizing cutting-edge AI technology. With the ability to predict space groups of crystals using SADPs with over 92% accuracy, XTALAB stands out in the field of microscopic image analysis.

The application can generate synthetic SADP-like images from CIF files and transform synthetic (or simulated) SADP-like images into more realistic representations. XTALAB offers simple and comprehensive interfaces, allowing users to easily harness its powerful AI algorithms. These algorithms, branded as XTALABTM, can be extended to address various research challenges across different fields.

For microscopic image analysis that typically requires expertise and lengthy analysis times, XTALAB provides a rapid and efficient solution, significantly reducing the time needed for accurate analysis.


Vision Verse: Vision Bus

VisionVerse is an AI video analysis-based bus route number guide solution for the visually impaired, providing 'real-time bus route number recognition' detection service with Lightvision's specialized AI video analysis technology.

It offers a user-friendly interface that allows even first-time users to easily access it. To enhance the visibility of the app, high contrast colors are used to make it easy for users to distinguish elements on the screen, and the text is displayed in large, bold fonts. In addition, it provides high-quality audio to deliver clear and accurate information about bus numbers and other relevant information.

VisionVerse helps visually impaired individuals use public transportation more easily.


ELP (Easy Learning Platform for everyone)

This innovative online meeting platform is designed to be accessible for everyone, including the visually impaired.

Key features include real-time facial expression recognition, allowing participants to understand the emotions of others during meetings. The platform also enables users to share and preview files seamlessly.

As a web-based solution, it provides easy access from any device with an internet connection. Additionally, the platform includes a special function to translate text into audible speech, specifically catering to the needs of visually impaired users.

This comprehensive approach ensures an inclusive and user-friendly experience for all participants.