Smart parking system uses AI and CCTV


Current Parking Lot X

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Usually cause congestion during rush hour.

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People often lost their vehicle tickets or cards.

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Cannot identify vehicle owner and parking location information.

Unique Function

We design, supply and install SMART PARKING LOT using CCTV and AI

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Recognize multiple faces through the system or phone device

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Detect, identify and track vehicles by using multiple CCTVs

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Display empty parking space

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Detect fire

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Indoor-outdoor integration

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Find and save parking locations

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Water overflow alarm

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Find EV charging station locations

Advantages of using the AI PARKING LOT

Optimize parking lot space

AI can display users to vacant parking spots, ensuring that every utilized space is as efficient as possible to maximize the number of vehicles that can be parked.

Save time, save cost

Without spending money on hiring security guards, the AI parking system assists and guides drivers to the quickest parking location.

Prevent vehicle theft

AI parking system combined with CCTV continuously monitors, detects suspicious behavior and quickly alerts users.

Avoid losing vehicle ticket or card

Cards or tickets are not required because the system automatically verifies identity and keeps track of data through AI and CCTV.

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Which places are suitable for the AI PARKING LOT ?


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