Our Mission

Improve technology, innovate the world

Light Vision's unique A.I. that helps social enterprises and social ventures grow. Technology supply and IP-R&D and TRIZ consulting.

The founding members of Light Vision Co., Ltd. have registered and held over 100 patents in related fields, and many of them have experience leading mass production in large corporations.

We have experienced talents who obtained doctoral degrees after analyzing the patents of Israeli and American companies holding world-class original patents in the AI field and securing additional original patents.

AI Parking

In the development of society, car is an important thing for every person, and with that, there is an increased demand for parking.

Understand it all, with AI Parking application from Light Vision Co,. Ltd you can share or rent parking lot without more effort and reservation.

Adding many outstanding advantages, ai parking will meet all users' parking needs

XTALAB: AI-based microscopic image analysis

An AI-based microscope is an innovative tool in crystal structure analysis, providing high-resolution imaging and pattern recognition for precise analysis of crystal structures, and supporting defect image generation.

This allows researchers to quickly interpret large volumes of complex structures without expert assistance, helping them to find critical information. Additionally, it accurately detects defects or impurities within the crystal structure, making crystal structure analysis more efficient and precise than traditional methods.

Vision Verse: Vision Bus

Designed for visually impaired users, this app offers independence in public transport. It identifies and announces approaching bus numbers with a user-friendly interface and voice assistance.

Enhance safety and save costs by confidently using public transportation. Featuring high-contrast colors, it ensures a reliable and easy-to-use experience.

ELP (Easy Learning Platform for everyone)

Since COVID-19, online meeting platforms have become essential services for everyone.

LightVision's ELP is an integrated education platform accessible via the web, designed to allow anyone to receive education together, regardless of location, social class, or visual impairment.

ELP uses AI to provide braille conversion functionality for the visually impaired, ensuring educational equity and fostering an inclusive learning environment by supporting all users to learn together, regardless of disabilities.

What have we achieved?

Signing of a business agreement for the development of AI video analysis technology-based services to enhance resident convenience

November 9, 2020

Between Seongdong-gu Office and Light Vision Co., Ltd.

Based on technological excellence, we have won a total of 7 government project contracts. The total project amount is 33 billion 97 million won.

Major ministries of government projects.

Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning; Ministry of SMEs and Startups; Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

Why Light Vision?

We has deployed many AI applications to meet social needs.

We have never ignored any customers, including people with disabilities, especially the visually impaired.

Through our high-quality consulting, many companies have adopted it for national projects, secured patents, and even launched products with AI technology.

We have extensive experience cooperating with many companies in Seongdong-gu.

With a team of doctoral-level staff combined with modern and efficient technology, we have the ambition to change the world.

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